About Ivan Teller

Ivan Teller has been channeling aliens and angels since March 2015. His spiritual awakening was around 2011 connecting to his guides and learning the metaphysical arts.


The first being channeled was his spirit guide, Ulysses. After that followed by a Zeta Grey by the name J-Rod. Soon after this channeling discovery. Ivan started publishing his channelings videos online.


The first beings he was connected to were Yeshua, Tall Blonde Nordic, Arcturian, Annunaki, and several Archangels. With so many different connections Ivan began doing webinars on YouTube. In the beginning, it was five to six webinars a week. Now the webinars are just once a week with the audience constantly expanding.


The main idea for the channelings is to assist with the ascension process by sharing messages from our galactic friends. So, we can reach our spiritual roots.


You can schedule a private session to connect to your guides, angels, or galactic family. There’s a weekly webinar you can join through the membership program.

Connecting to your guides and raising your vibration will increase your chances in connecting to your angels and alien friends. As our world becomes more galactic, we need to break the barrier and become more positive.